I see where there was a Mass in Havana for the “quick recovery” of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez:

La Catedral de La Habana celebró hoy una misa para pedir por la pronta recuperación de la salud del presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, que fue operado hace una semana en Cuba de un nuevo tumor canceroso.

[My translation: The Cathedral of Havana celebrated today a Mass to plead for the quick recovery of the health of the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, who was operated on a week ago in Cuba for a new cancerous tumor.]

Jesus tells us to pray for our enemies. By all means, let us pray for the likes of Castro and Chávez. My prayers for those dictators? That they find the kindness of heart of our Savior and free their peoples.

Prayers for anyone’s health are also good. But, unless coupled with a prayer for those oppressed, makes the Church a party to dictatorship.

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