Top cop on the job

It’s good to know that our nation’s top law enforcement man is diligently pursuing criminals and would-be terrorists, wherever they may be. Or, perhaps he’s too busy diligently pursuing the best counter-terror organization in the nation: the NYPD.

Turns out that our diligent top cop had heard of some news stories of surveillance by the NYPD of some Muslim groups. It’s good that someone is keeping our AG apprised of daily events. Turns out that the wicked NYPD has been doing what world-class counter-terror groups all should be doing: looking at potential threats.

Now, where would threats of terror come from? Hmm, this is a toughie. Tim McVeigh is dead. Surely there must be some Christian militia groups out there they could spy on. No? Oh, well, guess they’ll have to look into mosques and other Islamic hangouts in the tri-state area.

There are two major problems with Holder. What, only two? Well, two in this instance. First, what kind of a shallow and incompetent cabinet member tells Congress that the Department of Justice will launch an investigation because of something Eric Holder read over his cornflakes that morning?

Second, where was Holder when news stories of alleged anti-Christian events took place? Is Holder merely being politically correct, refusing to acknowledge that Muslims are the most likely source of terror? Or, is there a willful double standard?

I vote for both. Should Holder be fired? Yes, but best done through firing his boss come this November.


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