The tragic truth

Uh oh, now we’ve done it: one of our servicemen has gone and done what Afghans and other Islamic “militants” do. He’s killed a bunch of civilians, including women and children. A case of monkey see, monkey do? Or just one very disturbed soldier?

Obligatory sympathy for Afghans: sorry for your loss. No one is happy, or ought to be, about such a heinous deed. But, perhaps there is a silver lining. Perhaps, just perhaps, it will get us to cease and desist with our asinine “nation building” or “hearts and mind” nonsense.

And nonsense it is. If we need to be in Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban so as to prevent another 9/11, then, by all means, let’s do so: defeat them. Kill them, without mercy if they lift a finger against us. Not build a nation where none has ever been. Not build schools or roads or other infrastructure so the Afghans can facilitate bringing their poppy crop to market.

We’ve been in Afghanistan for a decade. We tossed out the Taliban early on, and then decided that we needed to make nice with the savages left behind. Big mistake. The National Journal sums up the current situation nicely:

All of which illustrates a tragic truth: even after ten years into this war, one that has cost nearly 1,800 U.S. dead, 15,000 wounded, and some $400 billion, forward progress is barely discernible and relations with America’s two chief allies, the Afghanistan and Pakistan governments, are worse than they have ever been. And that is why both administration officials and members of Congress are saying it’s time to go.

Let’s repeat those last four words, slowly, so that we all may understand them: it’s time to go.


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