Southern troglodytes?

The poll results from Alabama and Mississippi showing that a near-majority (Alabama) or clear majority (Mississippi) of Republicans believe Obama is a Muslim need to be taken with more than a few grains of salt.

The poll was conducted by PPP, a left-leaning polling operation. This, in and of itself, makes the poll a little suspect. Perhaps this was an attempt to show, yet again, what knuckle-dragging troglodytes we Southerners must be.

Perhaps. The other interpretation, which is the one I prefer, is that Obama, while not sympathetic to terrorists (except Bill Ayers, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion), is quite sympathetic to Muslims.

I chalk it up to political correctness on Obama’s part. It’s fairly common among liberals to coddle Muslims, to excuse otherwise inexcusable behavior, and, worst, deny hard truths about the religious affiliation of Muslim terrorists and those among them who would be terrorists.

Does any of this make Obama a Muslim? Of course not. It does, however, make him unfit to prosecute a coherent fight against Islamists.


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