Vanity project

Over at NRO, Rich Lowry has a scalding rebuke of Obama’s apparent love for the Chevy Volt, calling it “Obama’s Edsel.”

This may be unfair to the Edsel, which, though ugly (described as “an Oldsmobile sucking a lemon”), was a solid, competent car for the time and place it was built. The Volt is far from ugly, and has been widely praised for its engineering.

The trouble, as Rich Lowry describes it, is that the Volt is a vanity project for a (very) few wealthy do-gooders:

According to GM, the average income of a Volt purchaser is $175,000 a year. These well-heeled buyers get a $7,500 tax credit for selecting a car out of reach of many Americans, a trickle-up redistribution toward the upper, politically correct end of the car market.

The kicker is that Chevy also produces the Cruze, a cutely-named runabout that is relatively cheap (under $20K fully loaded) and efficient (on the order of 40 mpg). The Cruze is selling well; the Volt not so much.

Not so much in fact, that Chevy has had to temporarily layoff over 1,000 workers. We’ll see how soon production resumes, and, if it does, how long it is sustained.

Oh, and isn’t Lowry just another right-wing racist when he notes that Obama “would have blanched” at the notion that we Americans actually prefer trucks and SUVs?

In case there are any leftist ideologues who are reading this, that last was a joke. That’s j-o-k-e. But then, so is the vain notion that Obama is a smart, competent, wise leader.


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