Jumping to conclusions

The heinous killings in Toulouse, France were at first thought to be the work of some neo-Nazi former soldiers. Partly because the victims were all minorities: a rabbi and three Jewish children; three French soldiers of North African descent.

Turns out it was the usual: a Muslim terrorist. As of this morning, the shooter was barricaded in Toulouse, shooting at police and then negotiating. His name is Mohammed Merah. Fox earlier today reported he claims to be a member of al qaeda.

Regardless of his membership in al qaeda, he’s clearly Muslim. If he’s a also neo-Nazi, he’s one very conflicted terrorist.

Assuming he also shot three three French soldiers of North African descent (same gun), why he did this is anyone’s guess. Wouldn’t be a smart move for al qaeda; hearts and minds and all of that.

My prayers are with the families and colleagues of the slain, Jewish and Muslim.


2 thoughts on “Jumping to conclusions

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