The road ahead

It is time for Rick Santorum to leave the field, with the grace I believe him capable of.

The mainstream media is positively salivating at the prospect of Rick Santorum on the ticket. Yes, on the ticket. He will be radioactive even as our veep choice.

Unfair? Of course. That’s the world we live in. The object is not to nominate someone who may share your social values. It is to nominate someone who can defeat Obama.

Santorum has spent far too much time on social issues, and, due to the nature of the mainstream media, has been painted as an extremist. Yes, credit must be given for his candor. And I happen to believe Rick Santorum is right on most social issues.

But that’s not what most voters want or need to hear about. They want to know that our next president can lead and be effective in the public sphere. The first priority must be fixing our economy and the drowning tsunami wave of deficit spending and the resulting debt that is headed our way.

This is Romney’s strong point: managing an economy. He’s of sterling character, and if he’s unexciting for many, isn’t this just what we need after the hysteria that surrounded the anointing of Obama, the man who was going to, Canute-like, cause the oceans’ rise to halt?


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