Energy primer

Victor Davis Hanson summarizes the ideology of Obama and his administration, calling their policy “faith-based.” highlights:

Americans remember that his [Obama’s] team boasted about wanting higher energy costs in 2008, when Obama was still basking in hope-and-change adulation.

Energy Secretary-designate Steven Chu, who doesn’t own a car, pontificated about wanting higher American gasoline prices, hoping they would somehow reach European levels. Candidate Obama breezily warned of skyrocketing energy prices — the necessary cost of his planned cap-and-trade, anti-global-warming legislation. Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado, who was soon to become interior secretary, bragged that even if gas reached $10 a gallon, he would not vote to open up new federal offshore oil leases.

Chu and Salazar may be idiots and worship at the green shrine of Mother Earth, but they are only symptoms of the disease.

The cause? Barack Hussein Obama. The cure? Well, Obama and his minions love to talk about “reset” buttons. How about we reset Obama, return him to local Chicago thuggery from whence he came and where he belongs.

The reset button will be coming to a polling place near you on November 6, 2012.

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