This ABC News headline says it all: President Obama Asks Medvedev for ‘Space’ on Missile Defense — ‘After My Election I Have More Flexibility’.

And by flexibility, those cynics among us who think that Obama starting running for reelection on January 20, 2009 may be excused from the obvious thought: Obama doesn’t want to held accountable by the voters for anything. He wants to continue his surrender of American power, one bit at a time.

Missile defenses? We don’t need no stinking missile defenses, so sorry we insulted your client, Iran, Mr Putin. But, wink wink, nudge nudge, I can’t really say that now. Those stupid hicks in flyover country will vote against me. You know, those evangelicals who cling to their God and their guns and hate people who look like me.

Foreign policy is this neophyte’s boring subject, the one where he has been a dismal failure. With Russia, Obama has given up our nuclear superiority for some vague promises that Ivan will likely never keep. In the bargain, Obama abandoned a missile defense network in Eastern Europe for no discernible gain from the Russians.

Oh, did I miss that part where Russia voted with us in the United Nations Security Council to impose meaningful sanctions on Iran? Or where they have helped us in the Middle East? Guess not.

Our relations with the Russian Bear have, indeed, been “reset.” To our detriment. It is clear that tough-guy Putin, the man who’s been in charge during Medvedev’s time as president, has little regard for one he likely considers a girly-man. At least that’s the way Putin has been acting.

Well, getting back to that wonderful “reset” button. It was supposed to presage the Russkis falling over themselves in a swoon over Obama’s coolness and greatness. After all, he wasn’t George W. Bush. Seems that some idiot in the State Department used the wrong word. The Russian word on the button actually means “overcharged.” How appropriate.


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