mega mega

If it were a number, a mega mega would presumably be 106 x 106, or 1012. In English, that’s a million million, or a thousand billion, or, as we know Obama and his Democrat minions like to spend, a cool trillion. That’s a lot of whatever.

Back down in mere mega territory, the national hysteria of the just-run Mega Millions lottery has concluded. To those who quit their jobs by leaving something nasty on your bosses desks, anticipating you’d be a multimillionaire this morning, please don’t have children. We already have a sufficiency of morons.

For the rest of us, buying a few lottery tickets gives us, at least for a little while, the right to daydream about what we might do with all that money.

For anyone who’s got “lucky” numbers, good luck. If you believe in luck, which you must if you believe that one number is more likely to be selected in the lottery than another. Putting it differently, lottery numbers are generated randomly. Each number has exactly the same probability as any other number.

Advice on which numbers are more likely to win, even from those who have won in the past, is pretty much worthless. Here’s one fellow who offers this sage advice:

…when you buy your own sets of numbers and keep playing them, your odds get better.

Newsflash: All sets of six random numbers have exactly the same probability.

If the number selection is truly random, there is zero conditional probability favoring any one number or any set of numbers. What came up the last time has zero bearing on what follows.

One thing I can guarantee: with respect to randomly-generated lottery numbers, if you spend money on any book that touts an improvement in your lottery odds, you have lost the money spent on it forever.


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