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In his recent mic-on gaffe with Russian president Dmitri Medvedev, Obama told the foreign leader that he’d have more “flexibility” in his second term. One can only imagine what Obama might do if unfettered by mere American politics.

James Taranto, in yesterday’s Best of the Web, cited this:

“The Obama campaign apparently has taken down a web video that featured an actress touting the fact the incumbent president wouldn’t ‘have to worry’ about re-election in a second term,” FoxNews.com reports:

In the web video that was taken down, actress Tatyana Ali talked casually about the implications of the president’s re-election.

“What really makes me excited about that is that a United States president only has two terms,” she said. “In the second term, it’s on”–because they wouldn’t have to worry about re-election.

Notice the theme? Obama the Unbound, free to pursue his radical socialist dream: nationalize the energy industry (except solar; that’s gone bust); nationalize the auto companies (got two of three already); nationalize health care(oops; pesky Supreme Court!).

Not so fast, says Taranto. Despite the president’s ill-founded hubris, there will still be some checks and balances. Unless, or course, Obama and his lefty minions truly get their heart’s desire and neutralize the Supreme Court. FDR tried and failed. You, Barack Hussein, are no FDR.

Taranto concludes, rather aptly,

Obama sometimes seems like a lame duck already. If he does win a second term, he’ll very likely be lamer rather than duckier.

Obama’s lashing out at anyone and everyone who dares to stand up to him is a symptom of just how lame he has become.


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