Byron York at the DC Examiner reports that the Obama campaign “mocks, underestimates Romney.” Good.

Is it not possible that this trash talk from the Obamatons is nothing more than reverse psychology? Otherwise hard to explain all the attention on Romney, especially with its focus on class envy that frankly won’t play well with independents.

Mitt Romney is a man of character, a substantial man: all cattle and no hat, to turn a popular phrase around. Rather the opposite of Obama, a will ‘o the wisp who only speaks the truth when he thinks the mic is off.

Of those Republican contenders still standing, it’s clear, at least to me, that Romney is the best and strongest. And Obama’s minions mock and underestimate Romney to their boss’ peril.

Just as lefties loved to mock George W. Bush whenever he would mis-state a common word, he was thoroughly “misunderestimated” and was a formidable opponent.

Again, it’s all good for the Left to misunderestimate Romney.


3 thoughts on “Misunderestimated

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