The Dems accuse Republicans of waging a “war on women.” I suggest that this is nothing more than projection on their part, and the Dems are waging their own war on women who have the temerity to be stay-at-home moms.

Liberals claim to be all about “choice.” Unless, of course, a woman chooses to have children and raise them by staying at home. The latest salvo in this phony war against real women was launched by a shrill harpy by the name of Hilary.

No, that’s not Hilary Clinton. She may be a shrill harpy, but she’s far too smart to have said what Hilary Rosen did. On the subject of Ann Romney, here’s a hot, roasted chestnut from her interview on CNN:

[Mitt Romney’s] wife has never actually worked a day in her life.

This is about a woman who raised five boys at home, and has suffered from both breast cancer and MS.

Of course, that’s not work. Not according to a bien pensant idiot like Hilary Rosen, who is best described in terms that I will not use in print.

Ann Romney’s sins? Well, being a full-time mom for starters. Then, being married to a hugely successful man. Negative bonus points, I suppose, for not having had extra-marital affairs and, here’s a huge negative bonus from a lefty point of view: having been married to Mitt Romney for 33 years. Why, that’s just disgustingly old-school.


2 thoughts on “Projection

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