For anyone who’s been hiding in a cave this past week, one of the major themes of the Democrats has just exploded in their faces. That theme is the “war on women” allegedly waged by Republicans.

The centerpiece of the phony war was the false claim that Republicans would, somehow, ban contraception. The reality is that no Republican, with the possible exception of Rick Santorum, would even dream of such a thing. Mitt Romney certainly has not said one word to indicate any interest whatsoever of such a thing. For faithful Catholics, that is contraception*.

The issue was actually about pushing back against Obamacare’s assault on religious liberty. Specifically, the government’s new requirement that faith-based organizations pay for something against the dictates of their faith.

So, since the assault on religious liberty was uncovered, Obama and his minions had to change the subject: it’s a WAR ON WOMEN, shriek, gasp, send your money to help defeat the barbarian Republicans.

One of Obama’s minions is one of the three Hilary Rosens that spokesliar Jim Carney alleges he knows. Or, as Obama was forced to state, that “person” on TV. The one who had visited the White House 35 times, and met with Obama personally at least five times. Perhaps that Hilary Rosen was the evil one among the Hilary Rosen triplets.

What this evil Hilary (is that redundant?) had done was attack Ann Romney as never having worked a day in her life. Big mistake, moron. Rosen’s “apology” was the classic “I’m sorry if I offended anyone” non-apology. Obama and Michelle were quick to get out in front of a tsunami reaction, properly reminded that a candidate’s family is (or should be) off limits.

Whether Obama was sincere, I leave to each voter’s judgment. Me, I think that, per usual, Obama did whatever he thought he needed to do to protect himself. Hilary Rosen, in other words, was crushed under the bus, as her long-lost sister, the Wicked Witch of the East, was caught under the house in the Wizard of Oz. Ignore the man behind the curtain, that’s Barack the Omnipotent…

This is what Democrats have become: shrill harpies on the left, shrieking about imagined Republican assaults on women, then denying that the harpy in question was ever really one of their inner circle.

*The fact that many otherwise faithful Catholics practice birth control does not change the Church’s stand on contraception. And, to be clear, it’s the Church and its schools, charities, and hospitals that would be forced to violate Church doctrine on the matter.


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