Going to Hill

Thanks to a Democrat “strategist” with close links to the White House, Obama The Magnificent may dump Joe Bigmouth Biden as his veep. The “strategist” is named Hilary, one l. The immediate beneficiary of One-L-Hilary’s huge blunder? Two-L-Hillary.

That’s Whitewater Hill, Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy Hill. The one, the only, Hillary Clinton. Who, despite being a world-class rhymes-with-witch, may be chosen to replace Biden to show how much Obama feels the pain of stay-at-home moms.

This is the scenario discussed by Michael Goodwin yesterday. Hillary Clinton may never get her own chance to be president; by 2016 she’ll be 69 years old. Right now she looks as though she’s pushing 85; a high-stress slog like a presidential campaign might do her in.

But that’s her problem. The country’s problem? Hillary remains a popular figure among a lot of people who likely don’t know very much about her leftist leanings. Except she, and hubby Bubba, are much cleverer than Obama at hiding them. In fact, Hillary is, in my humble opinion, one heck of a lot smarter all around than Obama.

The gist of Goodwin’s piece is that putting Hillary on the ticket will solidify Obama’s support among women generally. Me, I think that assumes women to be all members of a hive mind who think and act alike. In short, it patronizes women to believe that putting a woman on the ticket as number two will make them vote for Obama.

What, vote for Obama and hope he’s found to be truly ineligible to be president because he’s not a “natural born citizen?” And then Hillary slides in, becoming president? Sorry, ladies, that train left the station three years ago.

Yes, it’s pandering to women. And, sadly, it would likely work. That’s how stupid so many women must be. Oh, you’re not stupid? You can think for yourselves? Than do so. Don’t vote for a man who thinks of you merely as members of just another ethnic or gender group, as interchangeable piece parts.

Obama’s economic policies of tax, spend, and regulate, repeat as needed, are draining all of us. Transforming us into another, bigger crapulant “social democracy” along the lines of Greece. This especially hurts women, who will find they must work to keep bread on the table and gas in the tank.

One might even say that, by forcing more women into the workplace instead of staying home to properly raise children, it is Obama’s “war on women.” Time to fight back, ladies.

You’re individuals. Think, and act like one.


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