Oops. Looks like the smartest president ever doesn’t know the difference between the Argentinian designation for the Falkland Islands and the Maldives, in the Indian Ocean. Seems that our SPE was pandering to the South American crowd when he tried to use the Argentinian designation. Tried to; couldn’t quite manage it.

Pity poor Barack. Reading the ‘prompter is hard work; I can see how one might confuse “Maldives” with “Malvinas.”

The larger point is this: why does Obama side with Argentina, and against the freely expressed will of the British people who happen to live in the Falklands? Why does Obama side with a failed South American dictatorship that has only sporadic episodes that might be called democracy? Why does Obama seem to go out of his way to rile up Britain, to further distance them from us? Is it his Kenyan heritage, and he’s embroiled in a hatred of all things British?

Regardless, why do we want to sign him on for another four years of failure? It’s not like he’s an economic guru (“tax the rich; it’s only fair; nevermind that it will hurt the economy.”) It’s not like he’s an expert in any aspect of governance. His “successes,” the “stimulus” and ObamaCare, are wretched failures that are costing us more than we now can afford.

Obama revealed his true, inept self in South America this week: anti-British, pro-anyone other than those who speak English as their native tongue. He is an embarrassment.

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