Michelle Obama has a high opinion of her husband. That’s usually a good thing; no one wants a wife who thinks her hubby is a loser. But what Mrs Obama said the other day kind of takes the cake, and takes us into nauseous realms:

“This president has brought us out of the dark and into the light.”

Choke. This is the sort of language the Bible reserves for God and His Son. Throughout Scripture, darkness describes that which is evil, light represents all that is good and righteous. Light is what God brings.

One might have thought that any talk of this kind, portraying Obama as messiah, might have died out given how poorly Obama has done. That is, on the evidence before us: unemployment above eight percent for his entire term; our deficit not cut in half as promised but rather soared to new heights; a near-trillion dollar “stimulus” was an epic fail; and Obamacare will break whatever might be left of our public fisc when it comes into full taxing effect.

We should have no problem with Mrs Obama supporting her husband, and being a cheerleader for even failed policies. Failure has its fans, after all: how else to explain anyone who still roots for the New York Mets or the Washington Nationals? There can be grace in failure; there can also be ugliness. Wait until the New England Patriots fall apart this coming season.

That being said, being in favor of failed policies is one thing. But there is one word that comes to mind for any claim that a mortal has the ability to bring us from the darkness into the light: idolatry.

Or, as the Author tells us in Exodus 20:3, “You shall have no other gods before me.”


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