You two, shut up

Eugene Volokh writes of the attempt by left-wingers to trash the First Amendment to the Constitution.

The proximate cause for this nonsense is the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court, which recognized incorporated entities as having full freedom of political expression. As being persons under the law. Sort of like unions, except the left isn’t particularly bothered by huge political contributions to Democrats and other liberals.

The left is, as always, hypocritical in who they attack. And none too fastidious about what essentials might be taken down in the fray. In this instance, nothing less than the right of two or more people to associate and exercise their freedom of speech.

This trashing of the First Amendment will likely go nowhere. Besides the Looney Left of Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Jim Moran, and a few other wingnuts, Democrats may be crazy but they’re not insane. While many otherwise normal-appearing Dems would love nothing better than to silence Fox News and National Review, they would run screeching from the thought that a Republican-run government could declare the Democrat House Organ, a/k/a The New York Times, no longer could publish. They’re not “persons,” after all.

Just to hammer home the point for those on the Left who think that the First Amendment applies only to those they agree with, it has always been the case in the United States that “person” is more than just a single human being. From 1 USC § 1 (yes, among the very first things mentioned in the compendium of our federal laws):

the words “person” and “whoever” include corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies, and joint stock companies, as well as individuals;

But what’s long-established law and our Constitution got to do with the Left’s desires to shut out those they disagree with?

As for the Citizens United decision, all I can relate is what I learned in law class a long time ago: corporations, under English and American law, are legal persons. Always have been. And since a “corporation” includes churches, newspapers, magazines, labor unions, and any two people who decide to incorporate, they always would and should be.

Nancy, you shut up and sit down. You’re getting overheated.


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