Not one of us

When getting background for my previous post on Obama the Bastard, I came across Spengler’s (David Goldman) trenchant article. Here’s as good a summary of Obama’s worldview as I’ve seen:

It really isn’t unfair at all to bring Obama’s canine consumption to public attention. The president isn’t really one of us. He’s a dog-eater. He tells the story in his memoir to emphasize that viscerally, Obama identifies with the Third World of his upbringing more than with the America of his adulthood. It is our great misfortune to have a president who dislikes our country at this juncture in our history.

No, Spengler isn’t a “birther.” The accidental place of Obama’s birth, in Hawaii, is not at issue. His world outlook, how he views Americans as against how he views Kenyans and other Third Worlders, is very much the issue.

At best, Obama is a multiculturalist, one who sees no distinction between our (formerly?) free-market, liberty-based nation, and Third World hellholes like Indonesia and Kenya.

Obama simply is not one of us.


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