The term spiked refers to killing a story before it can go to press. It can also mean unsportsmanlike celebration after scoring a touchdown, these days complete with the obligatory animalistic tribal dance in the end zone.

Obama is doing the latter on the one-year anniversary of the Navy Seals killing of Osama bin Laden. Obama, in announcing the killing, used the personal pronoun quite a few times. It was all “I did this.” It was very little credit to the actual people who made it happen. It was zero credit to the seven years of great effort by the Bush administration. And, did anyone hear Obama thank those who used severe interrogation tactics to actually get the intel that led to bin Laden’s demise?

Obama is all about himself, although, as befits one who is treated as second only to God, a trinity: me, myself, and I.

This latest unseemly spiking of the ball cum endzone dance was the campaign appearance in Kabul, Afghanistan. Which, if the Democrats in Chicago get their way, will be counted as having voted for Obama in whichever precincts need plussing up. I.e. which don’t have a sufficiency of dead people to vote.

My point is that a man of grace would have gone out of his way to not coincide with the anniversary of the killing. As for the substance of the visit, any piece of paper signed by the head drug lord in Afghanistan may not have the staying power of yesterday’s losing lotto ticket.

But, the endzone dance must go on. So, Obama made his own “mission accomplished” claim:

The goal that I set – to defeat al Qaeda, and deny it a chance to rebuild – is within reach.

Still, there will be difficult days ahead. The enormous sacrifices of our men and women are not over. But tonight, I’d like to tell you how we will complete our mission and end the war in Afghanistan. (emphasis added)

Note that goal that “I set.” Was that not also our goal under President Bush? And might it have hurt Obama to, for once accurately, use the royal “we?” He’s hardly in this fray alone.

And note the important choice of words: “end the war.” Not “win the war.” Which, if Obama were honest, would know and say that this war is unwinnable without the brutality that we will not and should not stoop to. Even the Russians, as brutal as they were, could not win. How do you beat an enemy mired in the Stone Age?

Neither we, nor any foreign power, can build a nation in Afghanistan. It is too tribal, too primitive, too beholden to its “religion of peace” to join our century. Only the Afghans, those fun-loving poppy-raising, boy-raping misogynists can build their nation.

You may stop your laughter any time at the notion of Afghanistan being a nation on the order of, say, France or Italy. Heck, it took both of these civilized states hundreds of years to coalesce into nations. And they were civilized.

One thought on “Spiked

  1. The Bin Laden assassination (assumining OBL was ever a real person) is about all Obama has to offer the bass-ackward gullible minions. He’s otherwise been the biggest failure of a President that this country has ever seen.

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