Bahamas Tussle

Vacationing here at our digs in Nassau, we landed in the middle of a political hurricane. Elections for the country’s assembly will be held on Monday, and the political rhetoric is, well, steamy is not too strong a word.

The two major parties are the Free National Movement (pro business, strong defense) and the Progressive Liberal Party which is exactly what one would expect: social democrats, populist, a chicken in every pot paid for by the commonwealth.

FNM are most like our Republicans, even though they are reputed to be socially liberal. PLP are the kind of party in which Obama and his Chicago cronies would likely feel most comfortable in.

Then there’s a third party, the DNA, but right now they’re about as relevant as our Libertarian Party. By which I mean great ideas, lousy execution, a little outside the mainstream.

All that said, it’s a very good thing to see a free people tussling for the right to represent.


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