About what you’d expect

The Obama administration, including Barack Hussein himself, wants the Islamic world to love us. But they’re not going to. They may or may not have liked Bush, but I’ll wager they respected him.

It’s pretty clear they don’t respect Obama, much less like him. I can only imagine what some of the Arab leaders call him when nobody’s listening.

Now, in contrast to the Bush administration, Obama doesn’t want to have the mess that actually capturing terrorists would present: if we captured them, we’d have to talk harshly to them and perhaps restrict their ice cream rations.

Cries of “torture!” would ring through the land, so the Obamtons do what lefties always do: kill the enemy, absent any notion of due process.

You may recall that Attorney General Holder wanted to try the head bonehead in Manhattan. Oops. Even lefties like New York Senator Chuck Schumer said, in different words perhaps, “are you out of your ****ing minds?”

Now we’ve got the full dhimmi freak show ongoing at Gitmo, where we tolerate absurd behavior from terrorists. While there is a lot of blame to go around, it is the prosecution and the judge who must bear the brunt of it.

Simple advice: stop tolerating delays and shows from the Islamic terrorists on trial. Stop pretending we respect their satanic religion. Forcibly restrain the defendants who will not sit respectfully and listen to their doom. Gag them as necessary; remove them from the court if needed.

And, please, please, somebody take out that defense lawyer who dressed in full-tilt-boogie hijab and fire her.

Oh, and serve BLTs for lunch every day, and nothing else. We’ll see who’s a devout Muslim…


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