Equality is serfdom

Now that’s a provocative title. Who says equality is bad? Our founders did not seem to. After all, “all men are created equal” is right up there in our founding documents.

There was something about equality that our founders got, however. We are all created equal in God’s eyes. However, what we do with that is up to us as individuals. Such has it ever been; such shall it always be, no matter how much some of us whine about not getting what someone else may have achieved.

Freedom is the right to achieve what we can on our merits. Sure, some of us get advantages from birth. And, sad as it may seem, we’re not all equal in ability. That is obvious to even the dullest observer.

This results in inequality. Some of us are rich; others poor. Many in-between. But here’s something to wrap your head around: at least here in America, people have, from our very beginnings, mobility.

Many rise; many fall. It is inequality that provides the potential energy that forces this mobility. Should you be angry if a CEO of a Fortune 500 company makes millions and you are barely scraping buy?

Well, perhaps if you’re a stockholder and have a stake in that company’s profitability. Otherwise, stop and think: how would reducing that CEO’s income help you? Make you feel better? Try and spend that at the grocery store.

Class envy is what is being sold by Obama and other liberal Democrats. it is a toxic brew, and at its ultimate will result in that magic “fairness” Obama seeks, when all are brought down. Except for he and his favored cronies, of course.

Friedrich von Hayek had it right in his canonical The Road to Serfdom (from Wikipedia):

…the abandonment of individualism, classical liberalism, and freedom inevitably leads to socialist or fascist oppression and tyranny and the serfdom of the individual.

Those who would sell us the snake oil that everyone needs to be “fair,” or everyone needs to be equal in result are not dull. They are devious tellers of lies who would deny human nature.

Each of us must have the unfettered ability to achieve what we may on our own. All of us benefit from having the social and economic mobility that has kept us from being a nation of serfs. None will ultimately benefit if all are brought down to some arbitrary, government-mandated level.


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