Lesson unlearned

The co-founder of Facebook is renouncing his American citizenship. Two U.S. senators from the unfreedom party, Messers. Casey and Schumer, good patriots of course, are up in arms. From Fox News:

Two top senators went after Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin Thursday over his decision to renounce U.S. citizenship, unveiling a proposal they claim would bar him — or anyone — from de-friending the United States in order to avoid taxes.

Now two things spring to mind. First is that Saverin is not a natural-born citizen. If he no longer wishes to be an American, fine. Good riddance; don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out, Eduardo.

Second is that tax avoidance strikes me as a decent reason to leave. After all, if the words “pursuit of happiness” are no longer in effect, i.e. when the state wishes to squeeze its citizens dry, then America may become just another failed state like Greece or, soon, France.

Perhaps Casey and Schumer have learned the wrong lesson. If people are leaving to avoid paying taxes, perhaps our taxes are too high? More importantly, our citizens are not mere economic units to be sucked dry when they exercise their free will and leave. This isn’t East Germany under the communists, after all.

Reasonable people may argue that our taxes are too high or too low. What is totally unreasonable is to attempt to force someone to stay in America so that their pockets can be drained by the Leviathan state.

Saverin may be unworthy to be an American. United States senators are unworthy when they mimic totalitarian regimes and shakedown citizens before they’re allowed to leave.


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