Be careful what you wish for

One of the more egregious violations of the public trust has been national Democrats attempt to undo the results of the 2010 Wisconsin gubernatorial election. In case we’d forgotten, Scott Walker was elected governor that November. On a platform of taming the public sector unions, whose wages, pensions, and other benefits are bankrupting the state.

Strangely, the newly-elected governor did exactly what he promised he would do. The riots and other bad behavior of Democrats was a sight to behold. Not only was the state capitol subjected to occupation by union supporters who did not work, Democrat legislators left Wisconsin so that they would not have to vote and lose in the legislature.

Well, the people of Wisconsin lost, when those they elected to control the executive and legislative branches in the state were unable to perform their constitutionally-assigned jobs. Nevermind what the voters of Wisconsin chose, the unions and their lefty allies knew better.

Hence this misbegotten attempt to undo the clear will of the people in a recall election. Now, recall elections are a vestige of the time when anarchists and communists, er, “progressives,” were in charge in Wisconsin. The recall attempt against Gov. Walker is only the third time in United States history that this has been attempted.

Naturally, the national union thuggery movement is fully behind the recall effort. How dare a politician mean what he says and say what he means?

Those of us who can’t vote in Wisconsin can only sit back in wonder and watch and wait as the good people of Wisconsin, decide to either honor their own judgment, or go with outside union forces.

Then there are the national implications. Just as the 2010 mid-term congressional elections were a repudiation of Obamacare and other elements of Obama’s flailing presidency, so too will the Wisconsin recall election on June 5 be a referendum on how well Mitt Romney might expect to do in Wisconsin this November.

While Obama won the normally liberal Wisconsin by 14 points in 2008, it is right now looking as though 2012 will be much closer. Should Walker prevail, as current polling indicates, so also might Romney prevail. In which case, forget about those swing states incessantly featured by political talking heads. If liberal Wisconsin is in play, it’s a very good bet that Ohio, Florida, Virginia are all likely to go for Mitt.

As even the liberal LA Times admits, the recall in Wisconsin is now looking like a bad idea for liberals. The headline says it all: Democrats, losing ground in Wisconsin, play down recall election.

Do tell.


One thought on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. Why would any non-union individual be against what Walker is doing?

    Reducing pay and benefits for a special interest group(unions) benefits every non-union individual.

    The real question is: why aren’t voters in all other states working to get their governors to do the same thing?

    Ending unions benefits everybody but union members. This is a fact that no one seems to understand.

    Censorship is evil.

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