Nothing but net

Our OJT president is fond of claiming that he had created four million jobs since taking office in January 2009. Here’s just one citation from Obama press headquarters, which some people still know as the New York Times.

Obama and his minions are quick to spout numbers, almost always out of context to the point of being fish out of water, gasping for some water to send through their gills. In the latest attempt to smear Mitt Romney, the Obamatons keep harping on his allegedly dismal job creation record as governor in deep-blue Massachusetts, and, of course, that Dread Pirate Bain Capital.

So: Obama claims he’s created four million jobs; Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital is a vampire, draining the very life’s blood from our economy. Well, our economy, not that Obama has had anything positive to do with it, has apparently added about four million jobs. It’s also apparent that the net number of jobs created on Obama’s watch is far less. As told by today’s Wall Street Journal, it’s all in the net result:

Several weeks ago Mr. Obama focused his jobs argument on the company that Mr. Romney founded, Bain Capital. Employment growth is usually a byproduct of a firm’s successful pursuit of profit. But it’s become clear that even by the most conservative estimates, Bain has helped create more than 100,000 jobs by making companies grow.

This is especially embarrassing for the White House because, according to the seasonally adjusted jobs numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in its household survey, 100,000 is the total net increase in U.S. jobs since January 2009 when Mr. Obama took office.

To appreciate how anemic this figure is, remember that there are more than 313 million Americans, and the U.S. population grows by more than two million people every year. So according to one government measure of job growth, the entire U.S. economy during the Obama Administration has not matched the business founded by Mitt Romney even three years after the recession ended. (emphasis added)

The key word here is net. As in, it matters little if four million jobs were added, if 3.9 million were lost. So, for the seven or so million people added to our population since Obama took office, there are only a net of 100,000 jobs for them to fight over.

While any president can not reasonably claim to have created jobs per se, he must be held accountable for policies and programs that help or hinder job creation.

Given what has and what has not happened job-creation wise since Obama took office, it is crystal clear that the business climate remains depressed because of Obama’s approach. Which I would label tax-and regulate, repeat as needed to achieve “fairness.” All the while ignoring those dying gasps of our economy as businesses close, don’t start, or leave these fair shores for lower-tax havens.


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