Fuzzy math

The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of Obamacare. The ruling is expected by the end of this month, which is rapidly coming to a close. If we think this is the end of a chapter, think again.

Today’s Capital Journal in the Wall Street Journal has it just right with this headline: No Clear Script If Health Law Falls. Indeed, while one might think that if the law is overturned this would be a clear victory for Republicans, Gerald Seib reminds us that such an action might well be the shot in the arm the Democrat base needs to get it back to that 2008 love-in for Obama.

His particular advice to Democrats includes this:

Democrats should defend the parts of the law that are popular—most notably a provision requiring insurance companies to keep children on parents’ policies until the age of 26, and one ensuring insurance coverage to people with pre-existing conditions…

Well, just like sometimes the most popular girls are popular because they are sluts, the bigger deal among these two crowd-pleasers — ensuring coverage for pre-existing conditions — is based on very fuzzy math indeed.

We all worry about poor uncle Bob and his lifestyle-induced diabetes and heart condition. A lifetime of sitting on the couch, cheering on the West Bat’s Crotch Bumfodders, eating anything and everything within reach, smoking his pack-a-day cancer sticks. Bob must be able to get health insurance!

And, under the idiocy that is Obamacare, get it he will. If needs be, minutes before he is sent to lard-ass heaven by way of a massive heart attack. So, isn’t that a happy ending? Not if you are you and me, healthy (alright, healthier) folks who have been paying for health insurance all these years.

Bottom line is that everyone who has health insurance, regardless of their health and their lifestyle, will pay more because ol’ Bob is a lazy moron. Multiply Bob by the millions of people who will buy insurance only when they need to cover catastrophic health care costs.

That’s truly fuzzy math, because such a health insurance system can not be sustained. It will sink of its own weight, as the costs of doing business drive premiums up through the roof for the healthy and unhealthy alike. There goes Michelle Obama’s attempt to get us to eat and be healthy: why bother when the state will take care of us if we are unhealthy?

There’s a better way, and it starts with making people pay for what they need. Someone wants to buy health insurance with a pre-existing condition? Fine, let them pay more. If they can’t afford to pay, not so fine, but then they become wards of the state.

Which appears to be the actual the end game for Obama and his crowd: we taxpayers only exist to support the state, so let’s just go right now to a single payer health care system. Oh, what the heck. Let’s stop fooling around and just socialize the whole kit and caboodle. Which is the true end game.


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