Clever like a fox

James Taranto, in today’s Best of the Web, provides a reasonable argument that Chief Justice John Roberts took the high road in order to reign in Congressional excess.

And make no mistake, Obamacare as enacted by the Democrat-controlled Congress just over two years ago (signed into law March 23, 2010), was a wretched excess of Congressional over-reach. Now that it will mostly stand, the only true recourse is to repeal and replace.

How to do this? Expect to see, in political ads, a lot of Obama’s promises, repeated often, to not raise taxes by a single dime. His words.

Obamacare is a nasty, expensive, mess. It’s got the largest tax increase in American history attached. It’s unpopular. It’s sure to motivate, yet again, those independents who mostly don’t follow politics but who know they don’t like having to pay more for health insurance.

Which just about everyone will. By the way, now that the mandate has officially been ruled a tax (which is what the Solicitor General argued for in the administration’s defense before the Supreme Court), we will see many, many lawsuits under the 14th Amendment related to exemptions given to politically favored group.

Conservatives, we owe John Roberts a huge vote of thanks. We’ve got our solid issue for the campaign. Perhaps Mr. Justice Roberts is a lot craftier on the right side than the Left will ever know…


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