One of talking points that lefties are brandishing after the Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare is that “freeloaders” or cheats. We’re speaking of the estimated four million Americans who allegedly can afford health insurance but simply won’t purchase it.

Those cads! In the lefty universe, it’s just wrong for citizens to choose not to buy health insurance. Their mantra is that those who can afford health insurance but choose not to buy it have burdened us all with their health care costs. OK, not all. Just the half of citizens who actually pay federal income taxes.

From the lefty site linked above, this:

…former Gov. Jennifer Granholm, D-Mich., on State of the Union: “Republicans have long gone after welfare cheats, tax cheats. Why not go after health care cheats for those who can afford health care and foist that cost on the rest of us?”

There are two problems with this “logic.” First, if you can afford health insurance, and you go to a for-profit hospital or walk-in clinic for health care, you are sure to be billed. At a not-for-profit hospital, you will likely be billed if you are uninsured and are able to pay. And, if you don’t pay, you will be tracked down and hauled into court like the miscreant cheat you are.

If you can’t afford to buy health insurance, fine. You’re on welfare anyway, and won’t be taxed for not buying that insurance.

The second problem with Granholm’s statement is that “welfare cheats” are stealing public monies directly. “Tax cheats,” like Treasury Secretary Tim Geihtner, are stealing public monies by not paying taxes that are demonstrably already owed.

It is hard to logically compare these thieves to those who choose to simply not engage in commerce. And, if Granholm and other Dems are true to their words, then Obamacare’s mandate punishment is…drum roll please…a tax.

No American can owe the government for something for a product he has not agreed to buy. It seems to be a self-correcting problem: if those targeted by the Left are solely those who can afford a product yet choose to not purchase it, there’s very little tax thievery going on, as they will eventually be forced to pay for health care services.


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