Pick me, pick me

The veepstakes for Mitt Romney have apparently heated up. According to this report out of Reuters, the choice may come sooner rather than later.

It does seem most likely that whoever Mitt chooses, it will not affect the election. Most likely but hardly out of the question.

The inside-the-Beltway crowd seems to like Sen. Portman, and there’s much to like and admire. Except: he’s just another super-competent, boring white guy. Kind of like Mitt. And it’s unclear how enthused the Tea Party and other parts of our base are going to be with such a choice.

To me, that’s the key word this time: enthusiasm. We (speaking as a Republican) need to re-kindle that 2010 fire. We need to make sure that our base is much happier going in to vote for Mitt than Obama’s base is to vote for him.

Most importantly, that voters in November know that a vote for Obama is a vote for continued national decline, and a vote for Romney is a vote of confidence in America, that our best days are not in our rear-view mirrors.

Who would I suggest as Mitt’s running mate? Someone who can kick the tires and light the fires. The two men who come immediately to mind are Marco Rubio and Chris Christie. And, Mitt, please, please, whatever you do, do not go with Condi Rice.

Lovely woman; brilliant academic. I think we’ve already got one of those in the White House (except for the woman part) and look what that’s gotten us. Academics are, at base, brilliant people who are stupid in the real world.


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