Thank you, Big Government!

For allowing businesses to succeed. You see, according to Barack Obama, all success is communal. We can’t succeed merely by our grit, determination, and native intelligence. Despite what we all might have learned when we first went out on our own.

Well, Obama, in a speech a few days ago, said that we simply couldn’t succeed by ourselves. We needed the government, else nothing ever would have happened. The heart of the socialist’s argument is in this quote from our Community Organizer in Chief (via Business Review):

“If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

“You didn’t build that.” Incredible on its face, a spit in the eye to anyone who has ever gone out and worked his or her butt off, working harder and longer than all others, and, what do you know, succeeding.

If the argument is that we all need roads, bridges, police and fire protection, and all the other myriad infrastructure and services that governments provide, that is obvious. But we all start out even on that playing field.

What distinguishes the success from the failure? And make no mistake, there are far more failures than successes out there. Some people make bad decisions, or are simply unlucky. Pity the fool who started his red-hot buggy whip business just as the Model T was coming off the assembly line…

Those who succeed may be lucky. Those who succeed use public infrastructure and receive protection from public services. Just as we all do, whether we succeed or fail.

Those who succeed are more likely to be smarter and more dedicated to their business or profession than those who do not. That is obvious by simple observation. To claim that no one can succeed on their own is insulting to all who have.

It may give some comfort to the ever-growing proportion of our population who are on the dole and pay no federal taxes, who think it is normal to suck at the government’s swollen teat. It may give comfort to men-children who still live with their parents because their degree in advanced puppet-making, against all odds, somehow is not turning up any gainful employment.

No one became a success solely due to what government provides for all its citizens. People still succeed, or fail, based on their native intelligence, their willingness to work hard, and, yes, some amount of luck.


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