A nutter goes off his meds, or hasn’t had them prescribed yet, and kills a dozen innocents in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater.

A heinous crime, and our thoughts and prayers must first be with the victims and their families and friends. Naturally, the left trots out its standard call for more “gun control.” Here’s a lengthy piece that was surely already two-thirds written and merely waiting for the next massacre, from the reliably leftist cranks at The Daily Beast.

The term “gun control” is in scare quotes for one simple reason: “gun control” only works in a totalitarian state, where the state controls all weapons. This may be the desiderata of many on the left, but in our nation, guns belong in the hands of the people. Not the People’s Liberation Army, as in Communist China.

That there will always be those among us who can’t be trusted with guns is true. Even the most casual of observers might also notice that there’s a whole mess of folks who can’t be trusted to drive. Yet drive they do.

We’re not perfect, and we will always have criminals among us. No amount of gun control, other than the totalitarian state kind, will ever suffice to prevent a would-be shooter from getting guns. All gun controls will reliably accomplish is make it harder to law-abiding citizens to arm themselves.

This is a hard lesson for some: if there was a very good chance that there would be folks packing in any given situation, the death toll from would-be mass killers might be reduced or even eliminated. Nothing says “stop” to a would-be criminal like a loaded gun pointed at his head.

There will always be the crazies, those who can’t be deterred by even the threat of imminent death. But there’s also some data (just one example; they’re easy to find) that demonstrates what ought to be evident: an armed populace is a protected populace.

Waiting for the police to protect you won’t exactly work. They will arrive with body bags and notebooks to take statements from the survivors. And to arrest otherwise law-abiding citizens who may have violated “gun control” laws.

My political philosophy on gun control is informed by our Second Amendment. Anything that works against our right to keep and bear arms is a mistake. And will not prevent the next murderer from wreaking havoc on an unarmed crowd.


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