Now he’s gone and done it. He’s called a spade a spade, and noted that Israel’s culture is what has allowed the Jewish state to become a success. As contrasted with the death-lovers in Arab Palestine, who revel in suicide bombings and are, generally, besotted with the notion of Arab martyrdom.

Oh, the “he” in question is Mitt Romney, who has just returned from his foreign tour. Unlike Obama, Romney seems to know who our friends are: Mitt meets with his friend Bibi Netanyahu, recognizes that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel, and, to cap it all off, meets with Lech Walesa, the Polish freedom fighter and patriot whom Obama snubbed.

Obama says he is a great friend of Israel. What his administration has done, however, is blame Israel for the Palestinians not agreeing to the survival of a Jewish state in the Middle East. Romney does appear to be a true friend of Israel, and there’s little in his record to indicate any false note.

In a very few words, Romney celebrates the capitalist success that is Israel, and, accurately, notes that the Arab Palestinians’ culture is mired in hatred. Hatred that prevents them from moving forward economically.

Is that “racist” as the Paleos and their pro-terror friends in America claim? Only if you would make the claim that Arab Americans, a very successful lot, are, somehow, also unable to succeed. Such a claim is patently false.

The culture that is at fault is the tribal, Islamic mentality that infects so much of the Middle East. Those who escape to greener pastures, such here in America, can, and do prosper. Those who remain wallow in their own stink, their own “death to Israel” miasma.


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