Numbers game

Up 163,000. Down 150,000. Up to 8.3%. Numbers. Guess which one Obama will focus on?

As reported at the Wall Street Journal, the economy is estimated to have added 163,000 jobs, while 150,000 simply gave up even looking for work and left the labor force.

The net result? An estimated uptick in the unemployment rate to 8.3%. I’ll say this once, and if it sounds racist, that’s on you, dear reader: if Obama were just another white guy, his presidency would be one and done. A one-termer, Jimmy Carter redux.

But Obama happens to be a member of a favored minority, so his supporters will bitterly cling to his meaningless “hope and change” mantra, all the while holding their inner noses as they vote for him this November. And, all the while, his screechers (exemplar: Debbie Wasserman Schultz) will holler about how racist it is to hold Obama to the same standards as we have held other presidents.

In simpler, non-racial terms, no president since FDR has been reelected with unemployment that high. Such a president would have to have had such other extraordinary accomplishments as to put jobs and the economy on the back burner.

Obama, to put it bluntly, has very little in this regard. Jobs and the economy remain front and center. Expect to hear “but he got Osama!” a lot, but that will ring rather hollow after a year and a half. It also doesn’t help eliminate the economic malaise, to quote an expert in the subject. Expect also to be told that any criticism of Obama’s handling of the economy is a) misunderstood, because we’re too stupid to fully appreciate Obama’s greatness, or, b) it’s Bush’s fault, or, c) we must reelect Obama so he’ll get a chance to explain how the economy is doing really, really well, or, when all else fails, d) you are a racist to even mention it.


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