Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan tells us two very important things about this year’s presidential election. First, it is about the direction our nation will take. Second, it is about Mitt Romney’s character.

As to our nation’s direction, Ryan’s selection means that the Republican ticket will put forward an agenda focused on fiscal responsibility. We will attempt to engage the Democrats in a discussion of what policies will be best for our economy.

I write “attempt.” So far, Democrats seem far more interested in the Romney family’s dog Seamus or in the horse Anne Romney rides as part of her MS therapy. Oh, and, of course, Mitt is a murderer because he was at Bain at one time or another.

Democrats simply can’t run on Obama’s record. Hope and change doesn’t seem to have worked, and the more the Obama surrogates screech and holler and lie, the more desperate they seem.

In response to solid proposals to fix our broken (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security) entitlements, the Dems will yell about “millionaires and billionaires” getting tax breaks. As if raising taxes on the wealthy will actually do anything about mufti-trillion dollar deficits.

In short, in response to serious proposals, the Dems will demonize and play the class warfare card.

As to character, the Ryan selection shows that Mitt Romney is unafraid of ideas. He is not afraid that a brilliant veep candidate will overshadow him. Ryan’s selection is thoughtful, and bold. It shakes up the race, somewhat like McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin did — minus the Palin baggage. And, not to put too fine a point on it, but Ryan has not abandoned the people who elected him to office, like Palin did.

Compare and contrast Obama’s selection of Joe Biden, who is, basically, a time-server, with no serious work to his credit. And, most importantly for the insecure Obama, would never, could never, outshine The Numinous One.


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