Tampa, not tampon

As the Republicans gather to nominate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, there is something in the air that was lacking the last two times: confidence.

This time we Republicans are confident. Confident that we have a serious message about the economy and entitlements. Confident that our side will treat the voters as adults, and not as spoiled children who will whine and pitch a fit if they don’t get their goodies gift-wrapped. Confident that Obama and his supporters can only talk about issues that will distract voters, if only for enough time to cast their votes for more hope and change.

In a word, Republicans this time are confident that we may achieve victory. As Erick Erickson bluntly puts it,

The Democrats, unable to run against the economy, intend to make the election about the female uterus, not an economic recovery. At 8.3% unemployment, people are much more interested in putting food on their tables than over killing kids.

Mitt Romney can fix things that are broken. His first presidential decision, selecting budget wizard Paul Ryan, speaks volumes. The contrast with Obama, who selected pompous windbag Joe Back In Chains Biden, could not be starker.

Obama chose someone who would pose no threat to Obama’s “intellect.” Although that “intellect” seems to fail when he’s not on the teleprompter. Mitt Romney chose someone who was not “safe.” Someone who had already been demonized by the Democrats, for having the temerity to propose some real alternatives to the failing status quo.


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