Give ’em Hell, Barry!

Sounds almost like the great rallying cry during the 1948 presidential election: Give ’em Hell, Harry! Harry Truman was a feisty, unapologetic New Deal Democrat. Unlike today’s Democrats, he also was a great friend of Israel (hey, Harry was a Baptist; it’s what we do), and over-rode his State Department’s Arabists by recognizing Israel the moment they declared their independence.

Fast forward to the Democrat convention this week in Charlotte, and we see how Barry, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama, is rather unlike Harry, in many, many ways. One of those ways came to a head yesterday over the party’s platform.

Now, very few of us, partisan supporters or otherwise, read these dreary documents. Yet they can be instructive. The Democrat platform dropped two fairly significant things, before some of us in the loyal opposition happened to notice and call their attention to them: God and Jerusalem.

Again, as a Baptist, I can see a rather direct connection between those two things. God promised what is now Israel (and, to be complete, all of today’s Jordan) to the Jews. And, roughly 3,000 years ago, David established Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jews.

Jerusalem remains, for Jews and Christians, central to the Jewish state, their capital. More to the point, it is where the sovereign modern state of Israel has its capital. But not to the Democrats today, it would seem.

Hence, reflecting the wishes of our left-leaning president, the Democrats drop the silly, 3,000 year old notion that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Oh, and while we’re at it, why don’t we simply get rid of any reference to God? It detracts from our messiah Barry’s claim to be The One.

Well, while few ever read party platforms, this subtraction gathered quick and negative coverage. So, like roaches when the lights are turned on, the Democrats scurried about, and added back language on God and Jerusalem being Israel’s capital.

Except, as we now know, it didn’t happen quietly or, as the party elders might have hoped, offstage. Nope, there it was, in full view of the cameras, as the bulk of the delegates voiced displeasure with the addition of God and Jerusalem.

The takeaway? Two things. First, today’s Democrats, at least the bigwigs at the convention, are not very pro-Israel or pro-God. This very much includes Obama. Or does anyone out there actually believe that high-visibility things like dropping God and Jerusalem aren’t approved by The One?

The second thing? The Democrats will do and say anything that helps win elections, even to the point of denying that there was ever any change.

I don’t think that Harry Truman would be comfortable as the nominee with this spineless bunch.


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