Perhaps if we sweetened the deal

Looks like Obama hasn’t quite caused the earth to heal, and that at least some places still consider the United States as not worthy of respect. One of those places is a hell-hole called Sudan, a place where people are not well off by even Third World standards.

However, under our current bow-and-scrape-and-appease regime, we learn that Sudan has, according to this news story, rejected our attempt to plus up the Marine detachment at our embassy in Khartoum.

Now we could understand a sovereign “nation” such as Sudan rejecting an invasion by a large military force. But we were sending a small detachment of Marines to guard our own sovereign territory: the United States Embassy.

Yes, that is our soil, just as the embassy of even a craphole like Sudan is their urinal here in the United States.

This rejection shows two things. First, Obama gets no respect. Sudan knows that B.H.O. would never do anything so rash as to force a foreign nation to protect our embassy. That would be acting like an American, something that Barack Baby finds foreign to his nature.

Second, once we concede that we are too weak to defend our sovereign territory, it’s open season on all things American around the world. We will respond with words, not deeds.

Perhaps if we could get the White House to send Sudan some tasty dog meat, assuming the Obamas can spare it…


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