Some people may take comfort in the counter-demonstrations that have occurred in Libya. Yes, there are good and decent people there who appreciate the hand that the West had in freeing them from Gaddafi. And, these people, though they may be few in number, also appreciate America’s role, albeit we were “leading from behind” because our Fearless Leader is neither fearless nor a leader.

But those who take to the streets in favor of the West are atypical in the Middle East, where large majorities of the people simply hate us. Yes, it’s true that “they” don’t much like us throughout the world, where “they” is the man-in-the-street.

Not many people like us, if only because we have both saved the world’s bacon more than once, and, while doing so, became the richest nation in history. Builds a certain kind of resentment, it does. People, “they,” resent the living hell out of us.

But the “they” in, say, France, don’t attempt to kill us with IEDs or suicide bombers. In stark contrast, the “they” in the Muslim world hate us with a passion that is inseparable from their religion.

Short version: Islam has been at war with Christianity since its inception. It has spread, at the point of the sword, and the lines between the West (sorry atheists and liberals, but “West” and “Christianity” are synonymous for this purpose) have been in ebb and flow since the 7th century.

I don’t advocate a modern Crusade. I do advocate the West in general, and the United States in particular, knowing who and what the enemy is. And let’s stop pretending that if only we apologize yet again, if only we send more and more money to them, they will somehow learn to love us.

They will never love us. The best we can hope for is to be strong, kill those who would kill us before they get the chance, and stop groveling and cringing like whipped puppies. If we do these things we will not be loved. We will, however, come to be respected, feared even.

And this will be a very good thing.


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