George McGovern

George McGovern, the 1972 Democratic candidate for president, has been admitted to hospice care. Senator McGovern is 90, and approaching his final days.

While I wish him peace and comfort in his final days, it brought back some memories of a fundamental change in the two parties’ nature.

During the 1972 election, I was still living in Louisiana, and there was zero chance of McGovern taking our state.

I remember that the talk among old timers was that “our Democrats sure have strayed off the reservation.” Recall that 40 years ago, the Democrats in the South were still the party of “segregation forever, integration never!” And, in 1968, just four years earlier, George Wallace beat Nixon soundly. The Democrat, Humphrey, being a Yankee, might as well have been Abraham Lincoln, and came in a far-distant third.

Fast forward to today, and McGovern should take the blame for leading the destruction of the Democratic Party.

All that said, I never thought of McGovern as a bad man. Just very, very out of touch with America. Sadly, he has taken the Democrats with him over the edge.


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