Presumed innocent?

Looks like the Benghazi mess will simply not sort itself out the way Obama and his administration would prefer. The latest revelation, as reported by Fox News, shows that virtually everyone in the national security apparat was informed, and in near-real time as the attack unfolded.

One element of the information passed to the White House was that an al-Qaeda affiliate claimed responsibility for the attack. Such claims are not always valid, of course. But the nature of the violence in Benghazi (light infantry weaponry, for example) surely calls into question the unfounded claim that a U-Tube video trailer was the sole cause of the violence.

The point is that Susan Rice and other Obamatons were, for weeks, insisting that the one true cause for the Benghazi violence, for the murder of our Ambassador and three other Americans, was some social media (U-Tube).

Hilary Clinton yesterday made the claim that the social media on which the bad guys made their claims was not “evidence” that they were actually responsible. True enough. And yet other social media was sufficient for the ignorant savages to rise up against the United States.

I understand not wanting to take the claims of those savages, who are able to use Western-developed social media even as they attempt to destroy us. But why didn’t such claims at the very least raise some questions at the White House about what the true cause of the Benghazi violence might have been?

Au contraire, mes amis. Obama and his minions simply had to assume that it was an insult to Obama’s former religion, Islam, and that the violence was our fault for allowing freedom of speech. Given this new evidence, one might think that Obama, Clinton, and Rice (not to mention the weasel Carney) might have tempered their assertion that they knew, dead certain, that the cause was that U-tube video.

They did not know, they presumed. And, as always among the weak-minded who seem to wish that they could censor speech that they don’t like, Obama and company had to presume that the Muslim terrorists in Libya were innocent.

The best spin on this mess? Obama and his national security team are inept, bordering on totally incompetent. The only other interpretation is that Obama and company lied to the American people.

Lesson learned? Doubtful. It’s in Obama’s DNA to not tell the truth when it comes to his former co-coreligionists.


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