A real choice

Presidential elections are often pictured as being much more important than they wind up being after the fact. Especially with the notion, always popular on my side of the fence, of rolling back the welfare state. Sadly, both Democrats and Republicans have embraced the notion of a welfare state. Both have both been caretakers of the welfare state, Democrats more than Republicans, but both are guilty of the original sin of supporting the fundamental transformation of our Republic from a nation of individuals into a collective nanny state.

This election, as important as it is, will not change this brutal fact of American politics. The New Deal, with its entitlement mentality, will continue. The difference? Barack Obama is a Third World marxist, not an American. Obama, in a very few words, wishes us to become the marxist ideal, where to each is given what they need according to the government, and from each is taken what the government needs.

No, I’m not a “birther.” I accept that Obama was born in the United States. But that does not make him an American in thought or outlook. His marxist father, his hippie mother, his upbringing in muslim Indonesia: none of these things make for an American.

But let’s not vote against Obama because of the sins of his father and polygamous grandfather. He should be voted out of office because of Obamacare, crony capitalism, massive and useless government spending (what’s a trillion dollars on “shovel ready jobs” between friends, anyway?).

We have been bored to tears with the incessant repetition of the notion that poor little Barry inherited “the worst recession since the Great Depression.” So, when our economy is in the crapper, what does Obama do? Not spend full time helping to restore our economy. Nope. Obama spent his first two years pushing the leftist dream of socialized medicine, which finally got passed with no Republican support.

As noted above, Republicans had been full partners in crime with FDR in getting Social Security, and then, thirty years later, Medicare, passed. Obama, ignoring the economy, got Obamacare, a/k/a socialized medicine, into law without any Republican support.

Which brings up the final reason to vote against Obama: in 2008 he gave us pretty words about bipartisanship, about rising above partisan politics. His actions tell us he was lying.

Help our nation recover. Fire Obama next Tuesday.

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