Racial progress?

This seems to be the advice of an Obama partisan writing in the Obama, sorry, Washington Post. The author’s premise is summed up by the heading:

An Obama Win Will Improve Race Relations

Racial tensions might have increased in his first term, but history shows that’s just temporary.

“History.” Love the inevitability of that word. Can’t oppose Obama; it’s “history.” The author is, however, correct in noting that “racial tensions might have increased.” Whether “history” dictates that we’ll all just be singing kumbaya after a second Obama term is something we really can’t afford to test.

That Obama has been racially polarizing should not be in doubt. When even hyper-partisans acknowledge this, there’s not much point in belaboring the point. Did Obama set out to be a black president? No, I don’t believe so. He set out to be a socialist president. And he’s succeeded.

As a conservative, I don’t see Obama as black. I see him as red, as in Soviet. The rest of the nation may not be so inclined. They see the outward manifestations of blackness, the fist bumps, the hanging out with gangstas, pimps, and Nation of Islam lovers such as Jeremiah Wright. Perhaps that’s just the Chicago Way.

To fire Obama after one term would be color-blind: the man has failed. His biggest “success,” Obamacare, is nothing but a government takeover of health care, and at huge costs in higher fees, taxes, and debt.

To re-hire Obama, just so guilty whites can feel good about race relations, would be foolish, bordering on stupid.


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