Guilt trip

Well, the politics of race, ethnicity, and gender has triumphed. The emperor who is wearing no clothes, Obama, was reelected. Not by much in popular vote; less than the first time.

Regardless, Obama will waste no time in claiming a mandate, and attempting to ride roughshod over any who would stand in the way of more taxes, more regulation, less domestic energy production, more intrusion and interference with the states, and, last but not least, much more national debt.

Why did Mitt Romney lose? He did not lose. He ran a strong and, for the most part, honorable campaign. That he came as close as it was is a testament to this. Obama won. Period.

Obama ran perhaps the most negative campaign since the early 1800s. Obama won, carried by blacks, Hispanics, young men and women, and, last but not least, guilty whites. Mostly but not exclusively left of center.

My theory is simple, expressed in my post the other day: at least some on the Left, and, again, likely quite a few who aren’t of the Left, felt compelled to give Obama a second bite of the apple.

In objective terms, Obama’s first term is a failure. Unemployment is right where it was when he took office in January 2009. Race relations are arguably worse than at any time in the past 30 years. Our “resets” with Russia and other frenemies around the world haven’t paid much in the way of dividends; the Middle East is a hairy mess without a strong American leader. Real economic growth is well below the levels needed to bring us back to full employment. Yes, in the fullness of time, even at 1.5% annual growth, we would get there. But it will be much slower than it ought to be.

Are all those whites and young people who voted for Obama idiots? Some, but I’ll wager that most, out of good instincts perhaps, simply gave Obama a passing grade on a failing effort. What’s called “social promotion,” promoting incapable students to the next higher grade even when they are objective failures.

Such is it with Obama. Call it affirmative action for presidents.

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