Cognitive dissonance

One of the letters to the editor in today’s Wall Street Journal exhibits classic cognitive dissonance, politics division. Explaining why a “lifelong registered Republican” voted for Obama, the writer says why she shouldn’t have:

I still believe in smaller government, lower taxes, greater energy exploration until we are totally independent of Middle East oil, a powerfully strong military and greater support, meaning less red tape, of the private sector that creates jobs.

Obama believes in none of these things, assuming “energy exploration” refers to finding and developing fossil energy reserves. So, this confused person votes for the most leftist president in our history. But she’s got her reasons. She’s angry that Republicans, to her apparent surprise, are against

abortion rights, universal health care, gay rights, including marriage, a safety net for those who genuinely need it and programs for highly skilled immigrants and for seasonal farm workers.

It may come as a shock, but some Republicans favor all of these things, some a few of them, some none.

The difference: it’s a dead solid perfect chance that Obama is against smaller government, lower taxes, greater energy exploration, a strong military, and less red tape.

Is this writer a “Republican” or just another Democrat who claims to be one of us? Regardless, this person is confused to the point of it being painful to read her opinion.


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