Off the Cliff with an assault rifle

While I was out of the country this past month, it seems all Hell has broken out. A heinous massacre of innocents; the inability of the president to lead; the inability of House Republicans to rein in their anti-tax purists as we go barreling merrily over that fiscal cliff.

On the Newtown tragedy, my first reaction beyond grief for the victims and their families was, “well, here go the anti-gun folks again.” As usual, the left never lets a crisis go to waste. In this instance, Obama and his faculty lounge brethren will push for as much “gun control” as they are able to get through Congress.

Which I predict will, in the end, be only small modifications to already stringent requirements. Despite what so many on the left seem to believe, guns don’t kill people of their own volition. A gun is just a tool. It’s the person wielding that tool who does the killing.

As for the notion that restrictions on gun ownership might have prevented Newtown, Connecticut already had on its books among the most stringent anti-gun laws in the nation. And, as a bonus for the do-good Nancies in the faculty lounge, the schools are already “gun-free zones.” Sadly, the shooter, Adam Lanza, did not get that memo.

As for the other factors besides guns, mental illness and our allegedly too-violent culture, Charles Krauthammer has a crisp summary of what might work, and what likely might not work to prevent thankfully rare mass-murder events.

I predict that as time goes by, and the massacre recedes in memory, there will be fresh outrages which no set of laws will prevent. Which won’t stop the left from attempting to legislate human behavior.

On the fiscal cliff, it seems that Obama is still in full-tilt-boogie campaign mode. He isn’t negotiating, he’s bloviating at every turn about how those nasty Republicans simply won’t go along with the pearls of wisdom he drops at their feet. He is an ideologue, and as such he doesn’t seem to care about actual solutions: he cares about “fairness” and punishing the “rich.”

And, if Obama gets his way, the “rich” will no longer be just “millionaires and billionaires.” They will be thee and me.

As for the Republicans, who control one-half of one third of our government, they are in disarray, with their hard-core anti-tax members breaking ranks and leaving House Speaker John Boehner alone to explain why the House has not fixed the problem.

The outcome? Obama, with the power of the presidency, is sure to make people believe that it’s the Republicans’ fault for whatever bad things happen. And the people, having just doubled down on their 2008 error, will believe him.

Best outcome for fiscal conservatives? Let Obama have everything he wants. Sit back and watch the economy tank, watch our currency become even more worthless, watch businesses stop hiring. At least if Obama gets what says he wants, and the Republicans get nothing they want, the resulting mess will be his and his alone.


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