On guns, it is first worthwhile to go back to the basics: the Second Amendment to the Constitution:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

What does “infringed” mean? Its first meaning is “to break the terms of an agreement or law.” Its second meaning, however, is to “limit or undermine something.” Well, buckaroos, stand by for some major infringement in the matter of our heretofore constitutionally provided right to keep and bear arms.

President Obama, in a “Think of the children!!!” moment, complete with pitiful children as props, has issued a laundry list of things to do to somehow prevent another massacre involving “assault type” weapons.

Some of these things are right and proper, and some are things that sound good but are simply squishy talk for “let’s all keep talking about this.” There is one thing, however, that stands out as an immediate threat to our liberty: Require universal background checks for all firearm sales.

So, if I wish to sell a gun to my friend, I’ve somehow got to arrange to do a “universal background check” on him? We’re not speaking of so-called gun shows here, but with a free transaction between two free citizens.

I can’t do a background check of anyone, except using incomplete databases available to the general public. Very incomplete data, as this map illustrates.

One shudders at what it would take to make such a database accurate and up-to-date, and at the thought that anyone could have instant access to that database.

Guns are not the problem; guns in the hands of criminals and the mentally ill are. Nothing in Obama’s lists will take care of criminals. Some of the things may mitigate the numbers of crazies who get their hands on guns. May mitigate. May not.

As for the bulk of the sturm und drang, it seems to be directed at “assault type” weapons. As the graphic demonstrates, as horrific as Newtown was, these weapons are not the problem. Among guns, handguns are by far more likely to be used to kill people.

My guess is that Obama and his anti-Second Amendment cronies on the Left are using “assault type” weapons as a stalking horse for effectively banning guns of all types. Which works so well for murder centers such as Chicago.

The old bumper sticker from the 1980s had it exactly right: When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. The problem is not the gun, any more than the existence of cars is the problem behind drunk drivers.

The problem was, is, and always will be the human being: fallible, prone to mental disease or defect, prone to evil impulse. We humans will always find a way to do bad things, and to encroach on our liberty and our privacy is too big a price for making trivial changes in which weapons are used to slaughter innocents.


One thought on “Infringed

  1. Very well said. What lies behind the universal background check process is the de facto elimination of all “private” firearms transactions between law-abiding free men (and women), since each transaction will now require the intervention of an FFL to perform the NICS check. For a fee, of course. This also is a convenient way to pre-empt the future transfer of all the “bad” guns so exhaustively and ignorantly enumerated in the various anti-semiautomatic bills which are stylish to circulate at Federal, State and Local levels these days. Of course, this IS gun confiscation in everything but name, since it deprives the current owner of the value of their property along with the ability to pass it to their heirs. Thank God the Supreme Court finally got around to explicitly stating the 2nd Amendment IS an individual right in 2008, or the screamers would be clamoring to seize all guns now instead of at least paying lame lip service to the 2nd Amendment for hunting purposes.

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