Obama the Drone

HellfireThere is much to-do about drone strikes that rain Hellfire missiles down on some of those who would kill us. And, of course, on some of their allegedly innocent family members.

It’s nice that the anti-war Left has finally stopped licking Obama’s leg and looked up to realize that Obama is merely pursuing the War on Terror in his own fashion.

Not to worry, campers. Those poor jihadis no longer have to face the inhumanity of getting wet and being sleep-deprived at a CIA lockup. Or, horror of horror, have to endure the tropical climate and benign conditions at Gitmo. After all, all right-thinking, meaning left-non-thinking, people just KNOW as an article of faith that Gitmo is evil, evil, evil.

Oh no, no “torture” for those mokes caught on the battlefield. From now on, they will simply be incinerated, without notice, without being read their Miranda rights. Flash. Boom. Terrorist piece-parts all over the landscape. Enjoy your 72 virgins or white raisins or whatever Hell you’ve actually been consigned to.

What has some civil libertarians up in arms is that some of the terrorist piece parts may belong to American citizens. Who just happened to be spending their quality time in terrorist camps along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Let me say that anyone who finds himself in such company pretty much loses his rights as an American citizen. He is a traitor, making common cause with those at war with us. So I would lose not one minute’s of sleep.

Secondly, I’ve no problem with the summary execution of terrorists. They do not and should not have our constitutional protections. Despite attempts by the weak-minded in the Obama administration wanting to grant full rights to foreign-born terrorists, including wishing to give them show trials in Manhattan.

My problems with drone strikes, as currently executed (good choice of words) by Obama, are two. First is the practical problem: if you kill a terrorist, you’ll never get useful intel from him. Second is the hypocrisy of the whole project.

When Obama was a senator, he and his lefty buddies screeched like little girls with their hair on fire that it was immoral to waterboard, to do other enhanced interrogation techniques, or to send captured terrorists to Gitmo, and that those Americans who did such things should be treated as criminals.

While the Obamatons still seem to have a strong aversion to actually protecting America by squeezing bad guys, they are all gung-ho for incinerating bad guys overseas.

I cheer whenever we send bad guys to Hell. Go get ’em, Obambi. But: how about taking the less cowardly way out and capturing some and squeezing them until they squeal? Just might save actual Americans in the future. Let’s put aside any crocodile tears from the Left (or Right, for that matter) about “American” citizens being killed extra-judicially.

Terrorists who join jihad ranks lose their right to be called “Americans.”


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