From the fanboys at C&D

The automotive fanboys at Car and Driver recently showered a slobbering paean of praise on the all-electric 2013 Tesla Model S.

The car is a beauty, that is without doubt. And it goes like schnell. Accelerates without that annoying turbo lag; there is no lag because there’s no turbo. Just happy electrons from a huge battery doing their tiny little jobs, and, apparently, doing them quite well.

But wait, as the C&D infomercial drones on and on about this super-car perfection. There are some minor details worth noting. From the C&D unpaid ad for the Tesla:

A discharged battery can be replenished in about 10 hours with the standard 10-kW charger, which uses a 40-amp, 240-volt ­circuit…Our measured range was 211 miles

It’s attractive, comfortable, fast, practical, technically fascinating, and not overpriced…PRICE AS TESTED: $109,600. (emphasis added)

So, let’s review the bidding. The car can’t actually be used for anything more than buzzing around in a limited radius from your home base. And, that base has to have a dedicated 240 volt circuit, eliminating just about everyone who lives in an apartment and so many homes that lack garages or available 240 volt lines to the street or carport.

Then there’s the matter of the price. In the fantasy land that is apparently inhabited by the C&D folks, a car that costs as much as a small house is “not overpriced.” Oh, and given all of the lack of utility of the Tesla, it is, nevertheless, “practical.”

I’d hate to see what tortures and costs one must endure in order to achieve an “impractical” rating from these fanboys at Car and Driver.


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