Jim Geraghty, writing in today’s National Review’s Morning Jolt, asks this important question: do we on the Right still trust the people? Here’s a link to the pertinent extract. The short answer? No. The justification for this lack of trust? Look no further than the re-election of Barack Obama, an empty suit who does not govern, but campaigns.

We conservatives preach individual responsibility as the price of individual liberty. That is, we each of us must be fully informed citizens; we must know what each candidate for office stands for. And, most important, we should each of us not simply swallow what politicians tell us. This goes for self-described liberals, centrists, or conservatives. We should be especiallly wary of any politician who tells us that he is a moderate, when his record, however meager, loudly tells us otherwise.

Objective reporting on Obama was hard to come by in 2008. It was far easier in 2012. And yet a majority of those who voted in the last presidential election ignored the evidence before their very noses and refused to take responsibility for their actions by voting, yet again, for empty promises and demonization.

When Obama was first elected in 2008, I chalked it up to a great campaign of misdirection, of smoke and mirrors, with the mainstream media being willing accomplices. After all, here was an attractive family man (at least on the surface), a man who promised to rise above partisan bickering. A man who promised to stop the rise of the seas due to global warming climate change or the enviros’ excuse-du-jour for controlling us. That alone should have been sufficient: hey people, don’t vote for a man who claims to be able to control the entire planet.

That should have been a wake-up call for all but the stupids. Obama was a man who seemed to believe that he was the messiah who could cure all of our ills by the force of his will. Sadly, the mainstream media made most criticisms of Obama seem to be racist. After all, what does it matter that Obama thinks he is a god? He will be our first African-American president.

Four years of ideological fumbling and bad governance later, still all Obama wants to do is demonize Republicans. His true nature is that he is in over his head, and is a vicious lefty more suited to organizing union thugs than running the Executive Branch. And yet a majority of American voters said, fine, we’ll re-up you.

That is the definition of either stupid or insane: to be immune to evidence that Obama is not interested in governing. Since I don’t believe that a majority of our people are insane, that leaves stupid. And I don’t trust stupid people. Ignorance may be fixed by information; stupid is forever.

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